What is Donationware?

Donationware is;

  • Where you first try the software to make sure it meets your needs.
  • If you like the software consider providing me with a donation to help me cover the costs of 
    • Web site fees
    • URL registration fees
    • Software Development tools
This web site is for my own amusement; as a hobby.  I know most people will not make a donation but it would be nice if a few people were to make a gesture to encourage me to continue, no matter how small the donation.

See Wikipedia - Donationware for a detailed description of the concept.

Note that the donation process involves using PayPal™ that offers protection against fraud through a separate secure website using your credit card or an existing PayPal™ account.
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  • Your bank, credit card and personal details are never shared.
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See PayPal™ for more detail.