The AlarmClock has the ability to set multiple repeat alarms and to optionally play a sound file.


Originally the AlarmClock was designed to be resident within a Home Theatre PC and to play a sound (say) just before the 7:00 pm news so that, if you were watching a pre-recorded show, there would be an audible reminder to pause the show and watch the live broadcast.  The clock face can be resized enabling it to read from across the room.

Alarm Clock Face

It has since grown to be able to set repeat alarms based on an extensive set of available criteria and the AlarmClock is just as useful on a laptop or desktop PC.  It can replace the clock gadget that ships with Vista and Win7.  The AlarmClock can also play a configurable hourly chime or time pip.

 The AlarmClock is not meant to be a replacement for a diary reminder system.  It is meant to be used to sound reminders like:

  • Check e-mail at a set time
  • Do your monthly accounts
  • Get up from the desk and exercise
  • Stop working on the PC and go to bed
  • Be reminded of any daily/weekly/monthly/yearly repetitive task

Unlike a diary, these tasks are not a meeting, an appointment, nor are they imperative.  All have the ability to be postponed for a period of time if you are otherwise engaged.  And, just like a bedside digital alarm clock, the AlarmClock has a snooze button.

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