AlarmClock User Tips


Context Help

The fields, buttons and controls have help that shows when the mouse is hovered above the item of interest.  To turn that help on or off use the 'show tips' facility in the settings tab of the Events form.


Anniversary Calculator

For yearly alarms the AlarmClock works out how long it's been since the first set time (see the following).  But it won't show for dates less than 12 months old.


Your Own Sound Files

For those who are a little more adventurous; more sound files can be added to those already available.  Simply add .mp3 files into the Audio folder.  The clock will have to be closed and restarted to 'see' the new sound files.
The Audio folder will be located in the path something like:
        C:\Program Files\SwySoft\AlarmClock\Resources\Audio
The path maybe different on different machines depending on the operating system or the options selected during the install.