Sleepless HTPC

Sleepless prevents the PC from shutting down while the PC is busy doing batch jobs.



Sleepless Main Screen

If all you ever wanted to do was to use Windows Media Center (WMC) with your PC then there is no need for sleepless.  Using the Windows power settings, to put the PC into sleep mode, is quite adequate and WMC will prevent the PC going to sleep while it's active.

The reason for creating sleepless was because the Windows power settings only monitors keyboard activity and problems arise if you are using programs other than WMC on your PC.  Consider this scenario:
  • Windows set to sleep after 30 minutes (of no keyboard activity)
  • You are using VLC media player to watch a movie
  • 30 minutes into the movie the PC goes to sleep !!!
The same sort of problems arise for other scenarios like:
  • Transferring large files across a LAN or the Internet
  • Doing a disk defrag
  • Listening to music on other than WMC
  • Weekly backups of your PC

Sleepless can monitor CPU activity, LAN Upload, LAN Download, Disk Reads, Disk Writes, and Individual Running Processes. Any one of these can be set to avoid the PC shutting down.

It also provides convenient buttons that allow the PC to be manually put into the following:

  • Sleep,
  • Hibernation,
  • Restart, or
  • Shutdown
Note: Sleepless plays no part in the waking of your PC.  It is only a different way of sending your PC to sleep (or Hibernate, Restart, Shutdown depending on the settings within sleepless)

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