Sleepless HTPC User Tips


Need all Green Indicators

The PC will not be put into sleep/closedown until all indicators are green

 In the above example the PC will not shutdown because:

  • No User Input limit has not yet been reached
  • CPU usage limit exceeded
  • Disk Write limit exceeded
  • Microsoft Media Center is recording

Context Help

The fields, buttons and controls on the Settings form have help that shows when the mouse is hovered above the item of interest.  To turn that help on or off use the 'show tips' facility in the General tab of the Settings form.

To Get to the Settings

To get to the settings form, click on the dropdown arrow beside the question mark.


Process Monitoring

A process ID shown as '0' and with a green background means the process is not running.

To be able to select a process, it will need to be first started. For example, if you want to set QuickTimePlayer then the QuickTimePlayer has to be first running.  Then click the Refresh button, go to the item and select the check box so it displays a tick.

Most of the processes under user control will normally be displayed by clicking the Refresh but there are some occasions where there is a need to show all running processes.  The 'Show All Processes' will display an extended list.


Windows Media Center (WMC) Programs

For those who wish to set up processes to monitor for WMC, the following maybe of help

WMC is actually a number of programs:  

  • One program (the overarching control) is always active and operates in the background and Microsoft has made it so it can never be shut down (well, not easily anyway).
  • Some programs (the recording ones) are fired up when WMC records.
  • Other programs (the active viewing ones) are under your manual control and are invoked when you can see the WMC Screen.  

All the WMC programs are prefixed with 'eh'.

Always open and controlling program:

  • ehRecvr

Viewing Programs:

  • ehShell
  • ehSched
  • ehTray

Recording programs:

  • ehSched
  • ehRec
  • ehTray 
  • ehVid - Analyses and tidies up the video after the recording has stopped

Main Settings

If any individual setting is not required then 'uncheck' the Selection box.

For all of the settings, experimentation is needed to select the best level of setting for your PC that will give the desired level of sensitivity.

 Trigger Settings


The method use to stop Sleepless from shutting down the PC is to first set each trigger to a value that won't normally be exceeded when the PC is idling along.  At any time the trigger value is exceeded then its delay timer is reset and a countdown commences. 

The detailed method for adjusting each trigger settings is, 

  1. Open the settings form/window
  2. Make sure there is no other abnormal activity on the PC.  That is the PC is just idling along without doing any specific jobs or tasks. 
  3. Move the Trigger setting to as low as possible so as to not trigger (the current trigger value will have a yellow background if triggered).  
    Sometimes there maybe a momentary spike in activity even at idle that will exceed the trigger value.  That is normal for most PCs.  The setting that you are after is where, for the most part, it stays green.

The Delay Settings are there to smooth out trigger events that momentarily go from a triggered state to nothing.  For example, if downloading content, and the stream is buffered, often the flow will go to 0 while the buffer fills up for it's next burst of downloaded data.  If there were no Delay setting, Sleepless might immediately shutdown/sleep the PC as it might think that all activity has ceased.  So the Delay setting, in effect, says "Wait a few seconds to see if the activity really has ceased".  The default Delay is 16 seconds and will serve 99% of users needs.


The next step is to test the settings.

  1. Fire up the load that you want to not interrupt.
  2. Make sure that the Trigger is tripped (turns yellow) and that the delay is also triggered
  3. The Trigger may cycle through tripped (yellow) and not tripped (green) but the delay ought to remain in effect (yellow) until the load, or job, has fully ceased.

There may be a number of trial and error setting adjustments needed before Sleepless gives consistent results for your PC. The small main form/window (with the blue top bar) is for the purpose of giving a visually summary of how the settings are performing.  That is, there ought to be all green indicators (except for the No User Input countdown) when the PC is at idle and at least one yellow indicator when the PC is doing work.